Airport Deicers

Sodium Formate is a premium environmentally friendly deicer specifically tailored for Airport Runways. It works quickly and safely. Sodium Formate is the ideal alternate for the more corrosive materials such as Calcium Chloride or Urea, which can damage surfaces and cause environmental problems with runoff. When applied on its own, Sodium Formate gives a long residual anti-icing effect under extreme weather conditions.

When applied on its own, Sodium Formate gives a long residual anti-icing effect under extreme weather conditions.

Quality Specifications:

Appearance Crystal, solid
Freeze Point Effective to –15° F
pH solution 7.0
Decomposition Temperature 487° F
Density 1.92
Solubility in Water Soluble
Biodegradability >90%

Commonly found in three forms; sodium acetate, calcium magnesium acetate, and potassium acetate, acetate deciers are not chloride based and take an entirely different approach to the task of deicing and the market. They protect surfaces and structures from chloride damage

They are organic chemical compounds that break down naturally in the environment and leave little adverse impact.

Those benefits come at a steep price because the main ingredients used to make acetate deicers (acetic acid, dolomitic limes, and potassium chloride) are very expensive and in short supply in the US at this time driving prices up. Available in dry and liquid forms, acetates are commonly used in structural concrete, parking garages, and airports where chlorides are banned due to the corrosion potential to aircraft systems.

Potassium Acetate

Potassium Acetate is a non-toxic,non-flammable, non-hazardous liquid de-icing fluid. It is clear, odorless and easy to handle. The de-icing features of Potassium Acetate make it a perfect alternative to conventional ice melt products. Potassium Acetate will not damage most surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, metals, wood, plastics and grass. It has a very low biological oxygen demand (BOD) and contains no phosphates, which gives Potassium Acetate a more favorable environmental profile. The product is rapid drying, allowing surfaces to be used quicker after applications. Chasin’s Potassium Acetate is effective to below 15°F.


Appearance Clear liquid
Freeze Point -75°F
Specific Gravity , 60°F 1.27
pH 9.5
Solubility in Water Complete

CMA Calcium Magnesium Acetate

CMA is actually an anti-corrosion inhibitor. The Calcium and Magnesium are naturally occurring elements. It is said CMA is as corrosive as tap water. There is a residual effect on application of CMA. CMA can be easily blended with Salt or Sand. Many structural engineers recommend CMA for use on bridges and concrete surfaces. CMA is non-corrosive, biodegradable and can effectively prevent the formation of ice-surface bonds when applied prior to precipitation.


Appearance White to off white granule
Hydrated Calcium Magnesium Acetate

(3:7 Ca to Mg molar ratio)

96.0% min Specific
Gravity 1.2 Bulk
Density 40-44 lb/ft3 pH
10% solution 8.0-10.0
Particle Size Sieve 4 90% Sieve 14 10%
Packaging 50 pound bag 42 bags per pallet 2000 pound Super Sack

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